Nature Preschool

ecoWise Owl philosophy is that childhood should not only be about learning but also be joyful and nourishing! We believe that the earliest, most memorable kind of learning includes exploring nature, catching butterflies and releasing fry into local streams. We believe that empathy, love, curiosity and mutual respect are the proper foundation of learning. We believe it is every child’s right, as an integral part of our eco community, to start developing their knowledge through encounters in the natural world.

Founded in 2007, Wise Owl always incorporated into our curriculum nature outdoor activities and field trips. Our ECO OUTDOOR NATURE preschool allows children ages 2 ½ -5 to have fun and explore the natural world around them through nature activities dedicated to their age group, such as story-telling, singing, during nature walks, and by observing plants and animals with all of their senses in their natural habitat.

Enrollment in our Eco-nature preschool is limited to ensure individual attention and mentoring opportunities for each and every child. Our session will be held each and every Wednesday and Fridays, 9.00am to 11.30am, rain or shine. Drop-off locations may vary however, most activities will be held at Verdun Park, West Vancouver. Each session will be supported with at least one ECE certified educator and may be attend and/or supported by “responsible adults” and accompanied by our full time registered preschoolers.

Wise Owl Nature Preschool is committed to planting seeds for children’s growth and connection with nature; safely, with confidence and fun.

Activities May Include:

  • Nature walks through forest, along paths, creeks and seaside beaches
  • Circle time with songs and stories
  • Learning about the four directions
  • Nature awareness games and skills development
  • Curriculum designed for nature activities
  • Safety in nature (please visit our product offering would you wish to have real-time control over your child’s location)
  • Plant and animal awareness
  • Sensory awareness


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