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Wise Owl provides carefully planned Montessori Curriculum based childcare, multi-age group daycare and preschool educational services in a nourishing, stimulating environment. Prior to admission of your child we invite you to meet our educators, evaluate our facilities and familiarize yourself with our policies and diverse programs whereas, upon your satisfaction of our facilities your child would be introduced to our programs via “Gradual Entry”.

Gradual  entry has several goals:

  • That separation between child and parent be gradual and positive
  • That parents and child are gradually introduced to become familiar with routines, activities and philosophy of our school
  • That child and teacher (s) develop a positive relationship

It is our policy to consider each child’s admission and placement individually regardless of race, religion, color, gender or national origin. Each child will be enrolled subject to 30 days probation whereas, either Parent and/or Wise Owl, at their respective discretion, may terminate contract without further notice.

Application & Enrollment Fees:

Wise Owl Montessori Childcare operates diverse variety of childcare educational facilities and services at several locations on the lower mainland, British Columbia. To select your most suitable location, childcare service type relevant to your child’s needs, fees applicable in meeting your family’s expectations and our complimentary subsidy application services, please call; (604) 783 – 6604. You are further invited to submit your Registration Request herein below and one of our Directress will contact you to review your specific needs and respond to all of your inquiries.

Registration Request Form

Please fill out the following information to submit a registration inquiry. A Wise Owl Montessori Childcare Inc. Directress will contact you regarding your application request.


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